Submitted by tstivers on Mon, 08/13/2012 - 7:04pm

We are having a PAC (Pre-authorized Automated Contribution) campaign leading up to the 2012 state convention in November. We want to expand enrollment to better reflect our size and importance as the Texas affiliate. In your chapter meetings for September and October, sign up to have your contribution to the National Federation of the Blind drawn automatically from your bank account each month. It is trouble free and a reliable memory is not required.
Here are some tips and reminders to help the process along:

  1. The authorization form must be completed on paper. There is no electronic submission option. A little sighted help is useful here. If you decide to prepare and send in the authorization yourself rather than in a meeting, the form as a printable pdf file is on the national website. Enter “PAC” in the search box, and the form will be the first choice. You must sign the form twice where the two different “Xs” appear. The PAC form is also available at the link above.
  2. The minimum donation of $5.00 per month is perfectly acceptable. It is the broad participation that builds up useful amounts of money with small donations.
  3. It is important to get the account number and routing number perfectly accurate when filling out the form. The best practice is to attach a voided check. The length of account numbers can vary, but routing numbers are always nine digits long.
  4. You may choose any day of the month to have the contribution withdrawn except for the twenty-ninth, thirtieth, or thirty-first. Remember to give yourselves some margin between the date you are paid and the date of the contribution withdrawal.

For those of you already enrolled in the PAC plan, please consider increasing your contribution. You must fill out and sign the form, but a new voided check is not necessary.

We will be helping people sign up during the convention itself as well as during chapter meetings. We will arrange for there to be assistance available at convention.