Houston chapter

In Houston, the BELL program will be held from June 16 through June 20, 2014, at the Lighthouse of Houston Activity Center, 3602 West Dallas, Houston, TX 77019.

For details specific to the Houston BELL program contact Louis Maher, the BELL coordinator for Houston.

06/16/2014 - 06/20/2014

Calendar of Events for the NFB of Houston 2013

This is a list of the events that directly affected the NFB Houston chapter in 2013.

1. January: The new board officially took office.
2. January: Several times during the year, we participated in the “Art Education for the Blind” project at the Houston Museum of Fine Arts.
3. February: 5 of our members attended Washington Seminar.
4. February: We had our first session of NFB Seminar asking members why they joined the Federation and what keeps them around.

The National Federation of the Blind of Texas Board Meeting Minutes for December 3, 2013

The National Federation of the Blind of Texas board of directors held a conference call meeting on Tuesday December 3, 2013, at 8 PM.

President Kimberly Flores called the meeting to order at 8 PM.

Annual Legal Requirement

Once a year, the board is required to pass the two following motions. This was done.

Motion one: We approved the actions of the president as she conducted business on behalf of the NFB of Texas for the past year.

Stakeholder Quarterly Conference Call
May 23, 2014
11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.


Barbara J. Madrigal

Stakeholders in Attendance:
Kenneth Semien, American Council of the Blind of Texas
Martha Garber, UNT WISE, RCT Member
Susie Welch, The Deaf-Blind Multi-handicapped Association of Texas
Stewart Swartz, The Dallas Area Council for the Blind
Louis Maher, NFB Houston
Michelle Boyd, East Texas
Paula Margeson, REACH Center for Independent Living
Nadine Saffell, Houston Council
Kris Cue, Deaf-Blind Service Center of Austin

TPOBC Fall Festival 2013 (TOM BASS PARK, 15108 Cullen, Houston, Texas 77047)

What: Fall Family Fun Day
Who: Blind and Visually Impaired Children, Students, Adults and Their Families
When: Saturday, October 26, 2013 from 10 am to 2 pm
Where: TOM BASS PARK, 15108 Cullen, Houston, Texas 77047
How much: FREE!!

Don’t forget to dress up in your favorite costumes. Prizes will be awarded!

Come and Enjoy:

  • Hot dogs, chips and drinks
  • Moonwalk
  • Games
  • Races
  • Piñatas

RSVP to Lety Castillo at 713.299.5071 or Kim Cunningham at 713.501.9659

Today was the last day of our Houston BELL program. This morning the students and staff went on a field trip to the arboretum. Then we had Dominos pizza for lunch.

Our guest reader is a medical interpreter for hospitals around Houston, and is also the president of the Houston chapter of the NFB of Texas.

Next the children had a music lesson. They learned about different music notes. They sang some songs and played some percussion instruments.


Today our students began by playing braille twister. This is like the original twister, but instead of the boards being arranged in order of colors, the board has different materials representing each dot in a braille cell. They used their bodies to create different letters. They really enjoyed this.

In the technology station, students were able to practice more with JAWS and VoiceOver.

In nonvisual, they learned how to spread cream cheese on a bagel.
In reading, students practiced forming words with braille letters.


Today was the third day of the Houston BELL program. The students are still full of energy, and they are doing a great job. This morning during the blindness lesson, they heard a skit called Captain Whozit Saves the Day. It is about a girl who learns how important a cane is and that it is okay to be blind.

In the reading station, students played a game to learn more braille letters and to help improve their reading skills.

In nonvisual class, the students learned how to identify coins and dollar bills. They used an audible identifier for the bills.


Day two of our Houston BELL program started off with lots of excitement once again. In our blindness lesson, the children listened to a story and discussed ways of being an independent blind person.

In the writing station, students were able to experiment and make patterns on the braille writer.

In reading, they played a game called Frogs Do Jump High. This is a game that helps them learn the letters D, F, H, and J in braille.


Today was the first day of the Houston BELL program. To start the day off students learned about public attitudes towards blindness. Each student had an opportunity to write things they would like people to know about being a blind person.

In the writing station students learned about the parts of a braille writer and a slate and stylus. They were able to practice putting paper in the brailler or slate to practice writing. They received a free NFB cane and wrote their name on braille labels for their new canes.